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aie cobaye




histoire de coeur - 2019


First of all, the question everyone is constantly asking: what does Aie Cobaye mean?

The answer is very simple! We are all test subjects (Cobaye in french) of a system or an ideology and this, for positive or negative purposes, whether we like it or not: Ouch (the reaction)!

Our hopes, our strengths, and our ambitions enable us to overcome the trials of life that hold us, prisoner, to finally realize our wildest dreams. It all began when Chriss J-Y and Nancy Senécal met at a friend's house in the summer of 1999. After exchanging on their respective passions for music, Chriss suggested to Nancy to start a francophone rock band with musicians he knew. Like most bands, 4plus1 (the name of the band at the time) performed several French and English songs by well-known bands and artists who inspired them.

Later, now as a couple, Chriss and Nancy decided to create the formation Aie Cobaye in May 2000 and surrounded themselves with talented musicians to accompany them. Strongly determined to make their own place, they decided to put all their energy into composing original material in a French rock style that is their own. Chriss composes the music and Nancy writes the lyrics. The lyrics are deep and the musical structures are unconventional and much sought-after. The two acolytes organize several shows, take part in musical competitions, and of course, record a few pieces in a studio in order to have an excellent calling card in their hands.

After a short break in order to recharge their batteries, the band comes back in force, with an acoustic folk-country style, always in French. Their new songs present beautiful catchy melodies and lyrics that address the multiple facets of life. Sometimes profound, sometimes funny, but always sincere, Aie Cobaye's music touches a wide audience. It is safe to say that the duo Aie Cobaye has worked hard and independently to make their music known. Despite all the hard times, Chriss and Nancy are more than ever committed to their beautiful project and they believe in it!

This duo gains to be known and intends to carve a place of choice in people's hearts.