david jobin



laisser aller (ft. bouba kirikou) - single - 2021

après la tempête - ep - 2020


A native of Verchères, Quebec, David Jobin composes his own material and uses a skilful mix of rock, pop and folk seated on music that harmonizes with his lyrics and brings them to life.

An uncompromising melodist, he often writes by letting himself be guided by the inspiration and emotion of the moment. His musical universe evolved in a stimulating environment: the son of a professional musician, he took up the challenge very early on and followed years of training in classical piano, then explored the guitar on his own, which would become his main instrument, his creative tool.

His skillful fingers come and go on the strings of his guitars to create a universe that recalls the ardor and precision of a guitarist who is not only authentic and passionate but which also adds a romantic and bohemian touch to his songs enhanced by his deep masculine voice.