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Ça sent Noël - Élia Laure COVER

ça sent noËl - single - 2020


élia laure - ep - 2017


A graduate of the École Nationale de la chanson, singer-songwriter Élia Laure presents her first self-titled album in 2017, which reveals her atmospheric and sincere universe.

It is during her adolescence that the artist will realize the potential of her voice and her passion for music. In the midst of her quest for identity, she appeared with her piano and her desire to give free rein to her aspirations. The young woman from the South Shore of Montreal will become known over the years for her talents as a performer as well as a songwriter.

Élia Laure has won several prizes and awards. She is named laureate of the Découvertes de la Chanson de Magog (2011), of the Festival de la Chanson de St-Ambroise (2011) and of Ma première Place des Arts (2012). Following these awards, she releases her first EP, Pantin sans voix.

In parallel to her career, she multiplies apperances as back-up vocalist (Élie Dupuis, Fred Labrie, Antoine Mainville and Marjolaine Morasse) and teaches her art. Élia Laure has also been successfully conducting the vocal ensemble Euphoria for several years, of which she is also the founder.

She has also been on stage since, in 2019 alongside Marjolaine Morasse and Élie Dupuis in an inspiring Christmas collective : Noël s'invite chez moi.

A multitude of experiences that continue to nourish the artist and her work!