émilie proulx



tu pourras te reposer - ep - 2019

Montagnes russes, mini-tsunamis - ep - 2011

dans une ville, endormie - EP - 2007


A prominent and discreet figure in Quebec independent music since 2007, Émilie Proulx is first and foremost known for the evocative power of her lyrics and for her distinctive alt-folk. She releases four albums and EPs, both intimate and universal, intertwined in the imaginary thread that could link Gillian Welch, Beth Gibbons, Talk Talk, and Kurt Vile.

A consummate music lover and passionate about sound exploration since her teenage years, Émilie is now one of the first women to produce and mix albums in Quebec. She has also been seen touring alongside many artists as a bassist and guitarist. She has also been seen with her 8-year-old son or living her life.

She is currently working on the creation of a new album, as well as on her artistic research and production projects.