jérôme couture



Jardin d'éden feat. Renee Wilkin (single) - 2021

let's talk about love (ft. frédérique dufort) - single - 2020

quand tu chantes (version acoustique) - SINGLE - 2020


te le dire (ft. realmind) (realmind remix) - single - 2019


mon paradis - 2018


100 x plus grand - single - 2018

prier encore

prier encore - single - 2018

gagner sa place-cover

gagner sa place - 2016


my sweetest thing - single - 2016


sous le gui - single - 2015


jérôme couture - 2014


sur tes lèvres - single - 2014


goodbye girl - single - 2014


Jérôme developed his talent for music at a very young age, joining several choirs and winning multiple singing competitions. He studied jazz pop singing in school and started his professional career with the Quebec Issime Troup, followed by mega productions, such as Les Misérables and Elvis Story.

Finalist of The Voice’s first season in Quebec in 2013, Jerome then launched his first radio single “Comme on attendait le printemps”, followed by his first album in 2014 with the label Let Artists Be. In 2016, after two years of writing, Jerome released his second full length album, “Gagner sa place”. His third album, “Mon paradis”, took a different turn, venturing into funk and reggae tones that lead him to sketch sever al dance steps that became his scenic signature. Since then, he has collaborated with Realmind (Loud, Eli Rose), Corey LeRue (Mikolas Josef, Ria Mae) and Diane Cadieux (Marc Hervieux, Garou) for his songs “Te le dire” and “Keep Us Alive”.

Jerome has received many prizes and distinctions over the years, such as reaching first place on the BDS Awards and the top of the SoundScan sales charts. He also received two nominations and the ASIDQ Gala, such as “Pop album of the year” and “Revelation of the year”.

With three albums to his name and an impressive repertoire of covers ranging from Elvis to Bruno Mars, Jérôme Couture is now ready to take off with his own label, Les Productions G-COUT Inc. A new musical universe opens up to him as he is currently working on a project to be released in the upcoming year.