justine bryon




doors - single - 2018


Justine grew up in the suburbs of Montreal and has been singing since the age of five. At the age of 16, she participated in the VocalizeU intensive summer camp in Los Angeles, and this experience helped to fully reinforce her passion. In 2016, a multi-platinum producer in Toronto approached her, but due to several personal issues at the time, she was forced to postpone their collaboration for a year. 

Finally, after months of preparation and work, she released her first single, Doors, in April 2018, which was followed by a video clip. She is still finishing her studies in Science and Lifeguarding, but music remains her greatest passion and she will continue to write music, with the intention of releasing more songs soon. 

She hopes that her music will resonate with you, and that you will continue to enjoy this ongoing journey with her.