les passagers



pochette_les oiseaux

les oiseaux - 2020


fantôme - SINGLE - 2020


eldorado - 2016


majuscule - 2006


Les Passagers is a musical group whose sound and influences are in a musical lineage of European rather than American inspiration. Their songs are said to be elegant and refined dream-pop, and their music is full of psychedelic textures. After releasing two EPs independently, they released an album with Sunset Hill Music entitled Eldorado in 2016. Rather dark lyrics and dancing music, a voice that makes you vibrate and sounds that make you pulse, the synergy that operates between the five members of the band certainly do not leave you indifferent as they create, together, a swarming sound jungle that will seem to come to life before your eyes.

Les Passagers are talented musicians: Andréanne Muzzo on keyboards, Nicolas Ferron on guitar, Antoine Ferron on bass, François-Pierre Poirier on keyboards, and Liam Killen on drums, but above all their trademark comes from Andréanne's unique voice that will not leave any of us unmoved.