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Mr. Chandler is a joint composition and performance project between Ian Kelly and the members of the Magneto Trio (Sylvain Clavette, Mario Légaré, and Rick Hayworth). In his twenties, while Ian was working on the staff of the Spectrum, he had the opportunity to hear all three musicians play for the first time. He followed their work from afar as they accompanied Michel Rivard, Lhasa de Sela, Daniel Boucher, Paul Piché, Laurence Jalbert and many other artists over the years.

In early 2016, the four artists meet to test potential chemistry for song creation. The result is a natural chord: Ian Kelly's guitar, lyrics, and soaring voice are paired with the enveloping music of the Magneto Trio (Rick Haworth on guitars, Mario Légaré on bass, and Sylvain Clavette on drums) that could be described as post-indie pop.

This creation is collective both in terms of song compositions and interpretations. Even if Ian Kelly's career is so far mainly in English (5 albums, 1 gold album), the choice to make this project in French is a natural choice, precisely to give it an original and unique dimension. A project of pure creation that brings a new sound and a different artistic proposal. A new project and a unique musical encounter to which the members of the group give the name of Mr. Chandler.

Their first album is acclaimed by the critics and a tour of more than thirty shows took place during the year 2018-2019.