mack et ro




playlist vol.1 - ep - 2020


c'est la saison - SINGLE - 2020


noËl s'en vient (ciné-cadeau) - single - 2019


jolie louise - single - 2019


romaine - 2018


romaine - single - 2017


Group of the Year at the 2019 Country Gala, Mack and Ro is a creative duo of country songwriters and performers. Having pooled their energy for the release of their very first album, these country artists made a name for themselves notably in September 2017 with their first single and title track from the album, ROMAINE. A year later, they won the Prix Étoiles Stingray at the Saint-Tite Western Festival for their remarkable performance of the song Hey! Albert. Subsequently, these country artists had the privilege of sharing the stage of the television show Aller-retour country with the phenomenon Irvin Blais and the charming and talented Karo Laurendeau.

In March 2019, they were selected as finalists for Culture Mauricie's Arts Excellence Award in the category of  Creation in the Performing Arts, a great mark of confidence from the music industry. One month later, the duo was nominated at the prestigious Country Gala, where they received two awards:  Discovery of the Year and Group of the Year. They will also be appearing on the upcoming show Tout simplement country with the ravishing and talented  Guylaine Tanguay, and their career is off to a great start! Currently performing with their ROMAINE tour, these singer-songwriters have seen new radio singles get a favourable position on country radio stations in Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario. And this is only the beginning!

More than 10 years of music in common
The work of these two cousins and country artists is by no means new. It all started with a tribute band to Johnny Cash (The Porters) which was created in April 2007. Later, their passion for country music led them to new joint projects (2 for the Show and Alan Jackson Experience). Today, they share their legacy of country hits with the public with a unique complicity on stage and breathtaking vocal harmonies. Their first success, Romaine, paves the way for an album in June 2018.