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nolton lake

Nolton Lake



lake champlain - SINGLE - 2021

9 live session - SINGLE - 2019


Nolton Lake is a self-taught musician with a taste for organic purity and heartfelt music. His musical talents were first heard on Montreal’s stages as lead singer for Montreal rock band Navir with whom Nolton has released two albums (EP 2014, Opposite Natures 2016). He then set out to travel the world and discover new instruments, this brought Nolton to record Anahata, his solo debut album in 2018. This project was more intimate and directly connected to his soul. With his new album, he hopes to share the desire of being true and honest with hopes of conquering Montreal and Quebec’s music lovers.

“Une musique confectionnée pour l’âme, qui fait du bien, qui adoucit les instants telle une méditation” - Baron mag  Dans cet univers, le ruisseau d’inspiration est un fleuve au grand débit qui semble si calme en surface. Quand on s’attarde un peu, on découvre une force sensible, une familiarité exotique, un confort juste assez déstabilisant.