paul rossy



my little christmas star - SINGLE - 2020

soldier's christmas - single - 2019

priscilla the punkin' pumpkin - single - 2019

oasis: the music of paul rossy - 2018

jazz poetry: the music of paul rossy - 2017


Paul Rossy is one of the most renowned pediatricians in Quebec and also a songwriter.

He approached Ian Kelly to produce and release his debut album, Goodbye Sings the Wind in 2016 with a view to selling it to raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation. Following this experience, they decided to make a jazz version of the songs on his album to seek airplay on radio stations such as ICI Musique and Stingray, and thus Paul Rossy's first jazz project entitled Jazz Poetry took shape.

To launch these two albums, Mr. Rossy performed live for a sold-out crowd at the Corona Theater and succeeded in raising over $2.5 million for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation with his album project, his show at the Corona Theater, and his parallel fundraising efforts.

He is back with a new show and themed songs for children. His goal is to continue raising money for the Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation while showcasing his work as a composer and the talent of the musicians who collaborated on the albums.