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quatuor esca

Quatuor Esca



FRAGMENTS 2. Scherzo- (single) - 2021

Fragments 1. Variations (single) - 2021

The sound of silence (single) - 2021


Esca is Edith, Sarah, Camille and Amélie – four ace musicians, passionate about their art and proud of their longstanding collaboration. Founded in 2004, esca is celebrated for its accomplished performances and, from classical to contemporary to pop, the depth of its repertoire. What sets esca apart? A combination of solid classical training, rigour in craft and a distinctly creative approach to every concert they perform. The four musicians radiate charm, delighting audiences with their easy-going, communicative and playful energy. They are versatile, professional, and as comfortable onstage as they are in the recording studio as they are on tour with renowned artists.

Esca: a decidedly feminin quartet.